Services Offered

At Brighton Foot and Ankle, we offer comprehensive foot and ankle care services. In addition, we offer orthotics, specialty shoes, braces, lotions, nail polish and more. Some of the specific services we offer are listed below.

Sports Injuries and Trauma

We provide treatment for sports related injuries of the foot and ankle. Including, but certainly not limited to: Ankle sprains, ankle fractures, ankle scopes, Achilles tendon tears, tendon tears, Ligament tears, fractures of the foot and ankle, cartilage repairs, plantar fascial repair (heel pain).

Reconstructive Procedures

We offer reconstructive procedures of the foot and ankle of many kinds. Among the more common reconstructive procedures we offer are: Bunions, flatfoot, hammertoe, ankle joint replacement, big toe joint replacements, arthritis joint fusions, any revision surgery or second opinion, hallux varus, nerve tumor excision, wound grafts, bone cysts, trauma induced arthritis revisions

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are one of the many modern techniques we offer to patients. This procedure is not widely available among podiatrists in the Brighton area and we are one of the first to offer this valuable treatment.

Office Procedures

Some of the more common issues we treat in our office include: Ingrown toenails, warts, cysts, heel and ankle pain, and skin biopsy.

Medical Treatments

We provide medical treatments for many conditions, including: Diabetes, heel pain, arthritis (Rheumatoid, Gout, Psoriatic, Osteo), infection, skin cancer, neuropathy, elderly care, fungal toenails

Wound Care



Orthotics, ankle foot orthotics, fall braces etc.

Insurance Dispensing

Ankle braces, fracture boots, stretching boots, diabetic shoes etc.

Cash office visits and procedures


Over the Counter Orthotics


Orthopedic Shoes




Nerve Supplements


Toenail Polish


Toe Pads


Stretching Bands