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Failed Implants and/or Previous Failed Surgeries

Don’t choose to live in daily foot or ankle pain!

If your previous foot or ankle surgery failed, or you experience persistent pain and deformities following a surgical procedure, do not give up hope. 

Revisional, or corrective, surgery may be needed when complications such as pain, disability, deformity, and instability arise following an initial procedure. Surgery to the foot and ankle is especially difficult due to the size, shape and need to place weight on the foot and ankle. Also, many factors play a role in achieving surgical success. Dr. Castelein enjoys taking the time to determine the reason for continued pain and developing a comprehensive plan to restore pain-free function to the foot and ankle.

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Failed Implants and or Previous Failed Surgeries

Conservative Treatment

To best determine the course of treatment, Dr. Castelein reviews advanced imaging including  X-Rays, MRIs, or CT scans to diagnose and understand the full extent of the problem.

Dr. Castelein also reviews symptoms, lifestyle needs of the foot and ankle, and the medical history in detail. He takes  time to listen and fully understand the full condition picture and what has been previously attempted. Although surgery may be needed to fully address the issue, there are many options available to alleviate symptoms including ankle and foot orthotics, injections, physical therapy and at-home exercises, advance braces and certain footwear recommendations.

Surgical Treatments

When discussing the potential of revisional surgery, Dr. Castelein considers the impact pain or limitations are having on quality of life. He discusses a complete plan for surgery and recovery. Dr. Castelein will take time to examine and study previous medical records and operative reports while staying up-to-date on the most recent innovations and evidence-based practices. His goal is to match a great outcome while minimizing the recovery timeline.

Revision surgery may entail:

How Can Dr. Castelein Help?

Dr. Castelein is a board-certified podiatric surgeon and offers advanced revisional surgery to correct a failed surgery or implant while lessening the risk of future complications.

At Brighton Foot and Ankle, we regularly treat patients seeking a second opinion on revising or salvaging difficult foot and ankle issues. Dr. Castelein takes time to understand his patients and their pathology, while taking further steps to correct any underlying foot mechanical issues. He utilizes advanced surgical technology to correct all aspects of the pain or deformity experienced, increases joint motion and soft tissue attachment, and reduces scar tissue.

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I'm so happy to have found Brighton Foot And Ankle in Brighton. The office staff and assistant are very pleasant. Dr. Bryant Castelein is a great knowledgeable Dr. Who has eased my worry over my medical condition. Plus he's handsome. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone needing podiatry help.
What great people to help you! From receptionist to doctor, they are top notch! You would not regret going here for any of your foot/ankle problems, they will fix you up with the utmost care and compassion.
Yo K
Dr. Castelein and staff were friendly, knowledgeable , efficient and took the time to get to know me and understand my medical needs. I would not hesitate to go to Brighton Foot & Ankle. They go out of their way to treat their patients like family.
Dr. Castelein is great; he is very nice, patient, and professional. His staff is also excellent and friendly. It's only been about three hours since having my big toenail removed and, with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, there is very little pain(sometimes I completely forget about it); he did an excellent job. Overall, I am very impressed with Dr. Casteleins Practice and I would highly recommend his office.
Doctor & staff were so professional, friendly & efficient. I had a high risk condition that they expertly guided me through 5 months of healing. Thankfully a full recovery. I give them my best recommendation.
Very friendly and accommodating front desk staff. Dr. Castelein and Jennifer always take their time and do an amazing job! Great variety of quick pick up over the counter products that are always affordable too. Best experience I have had at an office.
Dr. Castelein is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable in his field. During my visit he did a great job explaining my situation and was very encouraging of any questions. I never felt rushed and I believe to have received the best care possible. Highly recommend this doctor and this facility.
Nicole C
Excellent staff and exceptional doctor. I went in with Bunion issues. Dr. Castelein listened to my concerns and addressed my options. 4 days post-op bunion surgery I can say he did an amazing job. Best experience I have ever had. I would definitely recommend; I promise you won't look further.
The staff and Dr. Castelein are all amazing. They are polite and very respectful. I came to see them in 2019 for bunion and hammer toe issues among some others. Dr. Castelein and his assistant listened to my concerns and gave me my options. He explained everything to me in detail and all my questions were answered.. I have seen other podiatrists and he is beyond the best. I would recommend him to anyone.
Friendly staff and intelligent doctor! I went in for some ankle X-rays and was given a great strategy on the different ways to heal my ankle, and how to progress forward if less invasive treatment doesn't help. I would highly recommend them to anyone with foot or ankle problems!